Blessed Mariam Thresia and Servant of God Fr Joseph Vithayathil established the Holy Family Congregation in 1914. A period when the women folk of Kerala never dared to look out of their then world, the kitchen, the Holy Family Sisters took up the challenge to concentrate on family welfare. Following the inspiring foot steps of its two respected founders, Blessed Mariam
Thresia and Servant of God Fr.Joseph Vithayathil, today this congregation extends its

help guidance, and support to the deprived areas of the society. One such new endeavour is ASWAS. ASWAS aims at consoling and helping the families and their left ones who live heavy – hearted over the demised unable to handle the rein of life and makes them able to face life boldly with a smile.

Fr.Joseph Vithayathil

ASWAS Services

  Letter Writing
Sister collect the names of those who died in accidents and unfortunate disasters, diseases etc…
  Short stay home

Provides short stays for those dejected ones in order to equip them to come back to their lives with optimism and lead a happy life.

  Family visit programme.
  We visit the homes of those left ones who live depressed due to the unexpected death of their dear ones. We console...
  Contact ASWAS  
  Holy Family Bhavan, M/64
Changapuzha Nagar P.O, S.Kalamassery Ernakulam, Kerala, India , 682033
  Email: aswasholyfamily@gmail.com